I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old. I learned to play songs I liked, and, very soon after, began writing my own material and collaborating with friends. At 14 I taught myself to play drums on my brother's kit, which further contributed to my songwriting skills. At the same time, I received my first bass guitar as a gift and learned how to put it all together.

After I graduated from high school, I earned a certificate in audio engineering from Audio EnginEARing Institute, which took a year to complete. Marius Perron, an engineer who has worked with Beyonce, Michael W. Smith, Selena, and many others teaches the course. While I was there, I learned recording and mixing techniques as well as general engineering etiquette. 

Over the next few years, I recorded numerous singles and EPs, a few LPs, earned a degree in psychology, signed to two record labels, toured, and took opportunities to work as a contract engineer and musician. Each of these experiences has helped me build my skill set as a musician. 

The purpose of this website is to showcase my work. I've recorded and produced everything you hear here. 


Please explore.

The following is a list of bands for whom I have played or currently play. I have included a short biographical sketch of each. Click the italicized band names to check out some music! There are also a few samples in the MUSIC section.


Shadow of Doubt - Shadow of Doubt is a punk/hardcore band with current members of Hardside and Goldmill, and ex members of Bitter End and Thin Ice. Patrick Flanigan (Hardside) and Lorenzo Sixtos write the songs. I play bass and am responsible for the engineering of our self-titled EP, which can be found on our BandCamp. Our most recent record, "No Mercy", was released via War Records (owned and operated by Andrew Kline of the influential 90s hardcore group Strife) in 2017.

Goldmill - Goldmill is a melodic hardcore band that I started in 2009. I write, record, and produce all of our music at my studio. I have released three EPs, two of which have been promoted as free downloads via MediaFire and Bandcamp. I am currently working on a full-length, which I hope to finish in the next couple months.

Thin Ice - Thin Ice started shortly after Goldmill. Before we had played our first show, Blood&Ink Records approached us with a record deal. (They had heard my recordings on MySpace) After signing, we released our debut EP, Revelation Through Tribulation, which I composed and recorded at my studio in 2009. We disbanded in 2014, but our record is still available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Castle Hills Church - I started playing at Castle Hills when I was in my teens, and never really quit. I began on guitar but moved to drums within two or three years. I've played with a number of worship leaders including Ben Richter (The Museum), Jonathan Griffin (current pastor at The Well Community Church), Eric Roberts (current worship leader at Watermark Community Church), Andrew Hendrick (current worship pastor at Fellowship Bible Church), Samuel Pitamber (Former Choir Director at NISD; independent voice instructor), Joey Witham (formerly at Second Baptist Church), Kelsey Hiett (formerly at Second Baptist Church), and others.

Flesh and Soul - Flesh and Soul is a hardcore band with current Hardside and Shadow of Doubt members, and ex members of Panic Division and Restless. I wrote and tracked the debut LP, Before I Turn to Dust, at my studio. 

I IgniteI Ignite formed a few years ago, released some music on BandCamp, played shows around town, and then fizzled out. The music was heartfelt and most of it is still on BandCamp. 

Edge - Restless' former drummer, Mike Hernandez, and I formed Edge in our first couple years in college. I took a completely unorthodox approach to songwriting for this band and the music is, well, very interesting to say the least. I recorded all the instruments, and Mike sang. The music is still available on MediaFire.

Revulsion - Revulsion is a solo project I started a couple of years ago; It's an interesting fusion of progressive metal and hardcore. Check out a song in the MUSIC section.

Minority - Intense, down-tuned metalcore with raw, unfiltered lyrics relating to life experiences, social, political, and religious views, and psychology. Contributing members include yours truly and Brian Roehl, a cheeky tour bus driver and excellent friend. Our debut EP, "Steam", features guest vocals by heavy hitters in the hardcore/metalcore scene: Daniel McWhorter (Gideon), Myke Terry (Bury Your Dead, Volumes), Chad Ruhlig (For the Fallen Dreams, Legend), and Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan). You can find "Steam" on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and every other major platform. Check out a tune from the EP below.



News & Updates


Christian Elliot - The Winter Months

I have recently wrapped up engineering/producing Christian Elliot's EP, "The Winter Months," and could not be happier with the result; it sounds great. Listen for yourself on iTunes, Spotify, and other major platforms! If you don't feel like searching for the EP online, you can follow this link to jam the entire EP right now: You can also scroll down and hear "Rich Girls", my favorite track on the record!

Ryan Howell - King County

The EP is finished and will be released in the next couple months.

Hardside - Sink With Me

I love working with these dudes; they always pack a punch. Check out Hardside's "Sink With Me" here:

Minority - Steam/Full-Length Record

I have recently completed writing, tracking, and producing "Steam", Minority's debut EP. Listen on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and every other major platform. I have begun work on a full-length record that will likely be released later this year.

Goldmill - Full-Length Record

I have been writing for Goldmill since 2009. Up to this point, I have only released EPs. Soon, however, that will change: I will be releasing our first full-length record on all major platforms. Please keep your eyes peeled for a release date!

Levi Travieso - EP

Levi and I are currently working through the pre-production stage of his debut solo EP. FFO Bon Iver, The Japanese House, and The 1975.


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